What Is In Tap Water:
Do You Want To Know?

What is in tap water? It is a simple question in which you hope the answer is simply, nothing. Most people expect that the water they drink will be clean and pure, but this is not likely to be the case in most American homes. In fact, finding a pure source of water that is streaming from a tap is very hard to do, unless you have invested in the proper tap water filters to prevent water from being contaminated.

What Is In Tap Water

Without a tap water purifier, the water you get from your tap is likely to have a mixture of elements in it. It may have some minerals in it. Many local communities add fluoride to the water to help improve teeth quality. However, besides these good things, tap water may also contain a wide range of chemicals. These chemicals wash into the water after they are sprayed on crops. The chemicals get into water when medications are washed down the drain.

While the federal government does have regulations on cleaning water to maintain its health quality, those measurements do not ensure that this water is completely pure. There are chemicals in tap water that are undetected by filtration systems. In fact, in some cases, the levels of tap water quality are within the required range but there are chemicals in it.

Dangers of Tap Water

There are numerous dangers lurking in tap water that most people do not know about. These dangers stem from the toxins found in the water. They include:

  • By products from factories and hospitals where high doses of medications and chemicals can lead to health disorders

  • Liver damage

  • Cancer development

  • Immediate effects such as pain and sickness

  • Mental disorders in unborn children

Doesn’t Chlorine Help?

Chlorine in tap water is a way of cleansing it. However, the chlorine levels in some communities remain significantly high. Further, this level of cleansing is often not enough to remove the toxins that are commonly found within the water. This is alarming to many people who believe that the water they are drinking has been purified to a level where they are safe.

Unless you have some type of proper filtration system on your tap water, it is unlikely that your water is as pure as you believe it is. What is in tap water? The only way to really know what is in the water you are drinking is to contact your local water department to ask them for an analysis or to conduct one yourself.

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